Chat channels to discuss open-source Quake1 development?

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Chat channels to discuss open-source Quake1 development?

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Hi everyone,

I am one of the admins of the FreeGameDev community and recently we added a Mattermost chat to our open-source game development services: (also see our new Gitea source repository

The nice thing about Mattermost (besides great developer integrations with github/gitlab etc. similar to Slack) is that it allows team servers for aggregating channels similar to Discord. Thus I am currently thinking about starting one for Quake1 development.

In tandem we run a Matterbridge service that can bridge chats between IRC, Discord, Matrix, Slack etc.

Thus I was wondering about some feedback from this community about the general interest and what channels to add. Primarily I am looking for existing channels on Freenode or Discord etc. that we can bridge to and thus have a aggregate space for all these Quake related development communities.

So for example we could create a Mattermost channel for FreeCS and bridge it to #freecs on Freenode IRC. And if there is a community around FreeCS on Discord for example, we could link it up as well into the same chat. But for Discord we need the help of a moderator from the channel to allow adding the bridge bot.

Looking forward to your feedback.

P.S.: for the IRC oldtimers: I am planning to also run MatterIRCd, which allows Mattermost to function similar to a IRC server with bouncer and thus you will be able to connect with any IRC client. And there is also the great Matterhorn terminal client ;)
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