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I'm producing THE Wii Port update & I am CLUELESS!!!

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:47 pm
by kaisersozeh

Before I start I just wanted to say that the wii hack people reported several milllion unique Wii hacks via their website, about 18 months ago - this doesn't include all hacked wii's - that's the minimum - so although the Wii is limited in it's hardware, a production of sufficient quality could produce a significant addition to the numbers playing Quake.

There was a Wii port of Quake - QuakeGX - that played like a contemporary Wii first person shooter, such as Call of Duty. You control movement with the nunchuck mounted joystick, point and fire with the Wiimote. It's more authentic to the original Quake interface of cursor keys and mouse, and infinitely more immersive than using console controls. I would go as far as saying the gameplay is better than the original. The coders began to experiment with online play, and mod support, but dropped development around 2012.
And that was that.
Earlier this year I came across an article about the Quake community - still alive and kicking - still releasing maps and still with a significant online gaming presence
It occured to me that I could use WiiFlow - Wii homebrew for browsing games in an Apple-like "coverflow" - to browse and load maps, TCs and modifiers into the QuakeGX engine, and give access to all this content to wii users.
I am not a coder - I've worked in IT and written bat files and I wrote some BASIC as kid - but I found a later version of the code, and with help and advice (and coding!) of the Wii homebrew community, I now have a quake source that builds and accepts arguments from wiiflow.
Woo, and indeed, Hoo!
However, before I release the update, there are a couple of things I need help with - from you, the Quake community. I don't expect to achieve all of this, but if I could get most of it done, that would mean a lot of thankfull Wii users - hopefully!
- Using a rather large config.cfg, I've written a mini gui to access cheats and other command line functionality from the wiimote - although I've changed zone.c and the sz_alloc in cmd.c, some aliases are being missed - i think from the end of long (not that long) strings - can anyone guess why?
- I'd like to be able to send an impulse that returns to the last selected weapon - rather than the previous, last or 'best' weapon - Is there a weapons.qc, or a guide, that achieves this?
- I hoping this will be popular - I am not planning on supporting the online functionality, it's flakey, but it's there. I might end up dumping a whole load of new users onto a server - does anyone have any advice on how to go about this in a constructive way?
- some maps don't have a skill setting lobby - so loading the map from launch will just dump the user at the starting menu and still require them to use the command line to load the map - is there a way I can open a generic lobby for these maps - does such a thing exist already?
I'm a bit fuzzy on which files take precedence - I'm already including additional sounds for additional functions in the distribution - but I'd like to be able to include art and sounds that overide or replace the content from the official paks - is that possible?

I've decided to basically ignore multiplayer functionality for now - although possibly provide help setting up a bot, any recommendations for a bot for a memory-light system? -
and provide two forms of content:-
1 Worlds - maps, total conversions
2 Modifiers - weapons, gore, huds etc - which the player can then use in maps and ID Quake - am I right in thinking you can't do this with a map with a progs.dat, can you use mods in Scourge and Dissolution?

My original plan was to find the topmost popular content, find what works with this build and create a top twenty list with coverart, config, and links for the content.
My guess is people are going to want to investigate further content, so I'd like to ask for guidance for myself in finding things that are going to work, and pass that on. Particularly relevant archives, any way to refine my search.
I've been trawling for things from the late 90's and early 2000's that are likely to work on the Wii - it' s broadly of the same spec as a pc of about that time - but it's been pretty random, and I'm concerned I'll miss later developments that will work well - there's basically too much to trawl through

Can anyone recommend anything that will work on this?

CPU 729 MHz IBM PowerPC "Broadway" [13]
Memory 88 MB (total), 24 MB MoSys 1T-SRAM, 324 MHz, 2.7GB/s bandwidth
Graphics 243 MHz ATI "Hollywood"

There's an opportunity to set the graphical and heap memory allocation, the defaults are
Heap 19MB
Texture 30MB

Thank you so much for reading this far, any thoughts appreciated.

p.s. I thought the moniker was funny at the time - it could be worse.

p.p.s I'm about to start trying to apply mp3 support - any advice before I go in?