Strange savegame sound bug in DP

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Strange savegame sound bug in DP

Post by BloodShot »

Hey everyone, I've got a strange bug going on maybe some of you guys can help me with.

I've been using DP for a weapons/gameplay/gore mod, it started off as a simple fork of SMC but it's grown much bigger now. I've been working on it for a while and for quite a while now it has had this strange savegame bug, where the sounds for things will change to something else upon loading.

It doesn't happen all the time, and it doesn't even happen on every map (I cannot get it to happen on my modified E1M1 for example) and sometimes disconnecting then loading will fix it, other times I have to restart the game to fix it.

Basically enemies, footstep sounds, ambient noises, etc. will start playing sounds from other things, like the enforcer footstep will suddenly become a quad damage sound. It doesn't always affect them, it's seemingly at random which entities get screwed up.

I was wondering if maybe it has something to do with the vastly increased amount of sounds i precache for my mod but that's not really something I can reduce. Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Strange savegame sound bug in DP

Post by frag.machine »

Sounds like an engine bug. Are you using any DP exclusive feature ? You may try to report the bug to someone on the dev team, but activity on Darkplaces site is very low at best, I'd advise to just pick FTE and adapt your work if necessary.
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Re: Strange savegame sound bug in DP

Post by Spike »

Mid-game precaches means that DP both needs and has a saved-game extension thing that _should_ be able to cope with that sort of thing.
So I'm kinda surprised you're having issues.

That said, not every global is saved, so expect issues if you're using the var keyword on functions/fields, or a couple of other qc extensions - such things cannot be set according to random and must be considered constant after spawn functions. Beware of cvars too.
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