uHexen2 (Hammer of Thyrion) v1.5.8

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uHexen2 (Hammer of Thyrion) v1.5.8

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Version 1.5.8 of Hammer of Thyrion (uHexen2) is released:

Project page

Short ChangeLog:

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* Software renderer: Fixed a reported crash if the engine is compiled
  with certain Visual Studio versions (bug #62.)
* Software renderer: Fixed sky scaling issues, thanks to Szilard Biro.
 (fix found in 'ToChriS' quake source.)
* Software renderer: Fixed scaling console backgrounds whose dimensions
  are not the default 320x200. One such example is the "Game of Tomes"
  mod which has a 1024x768 conback.lmp.
* Hexenworld server: Added "-protocol x" command line option to force
  the server to use a specific protocol (25 or 26), if so required.
* Amiga: Video fixes. On AROS, the game does not 'freeze' in fullscreen
  mode anymore if the 'Timidity:' assign is not present.
* Amiga: m68k-amigaos support. (Use VBCC as the compiler, gcc has code
  generation issues.)
* Windows: Visual Studio builds no longer require yasm or nasm. Tested
  compilation using VS2015-update/2.
* DOS, PCI sound driver: Updates, more Intel HDA chipsets recognized.
* DOS, 3dfx opengl: Macronix (MX86251) variants of Voodoo Rush boards
  are now functional.
* DOS, 3dfx opengl: Further updates/fixes to opengl and glide drivers.
  Updates to DXE exports so that more opengl driver builds would work
  without requiring an engine recompile.
* All platforms, gameplay: Fixed an issue with the rider bosses Death,
  Pestilence and War in coop mode. (as reported by Spike and Korax.)
* Other minor fixes/tidy-ups elsewhere in the source.
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