newest fteqccgui breaks my bots

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newest fteqccgui breaks my bots

Post by drm_wayne »

i noticed various glitches and bugs with the newest fteqccgui (build Jul 26 2016) when i try to connect a bot.
Im using some code the old rankings.qc to get bots on the sbar scoreboard (qc bots, standard netquake qc), and with the older fteqccgui from Feb 15 2016
this bugs are not there.

It would be good to know whats happening in the new fteqccgui ;)

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Re: newest fteqccgui breaks my bots

Post by Spike »

I rewrote a little code regarding function calls and arguments, so that __out args would work with fields/arrays/etc as well as to avoid redundant copies when passing structs etc.
this broke nested call statements for a while, however I was under the impression that revision 5000+ was fixed again.
if you can find some line that's getting miscompiled, then enable the 'annotate sourcecode' flag in fteqccgui and you'll be able to see the exact instructions that the qcc is generating. share it with me and I can see if I can fix it.
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