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CSQC questions

Post by Max_Salivan »

Hello guys. Have some questions about csqc and fte.

1)I saw,what fte has half life model loader,is there a way,how to load it? only from csqc?

2)If i made simple model(dpm,or iqm) with animation blending,can i see model animations in lan game? or better to use md3 with tags?

3)Its possible to make realistic bulletholes with CSQC? by deleting polygons lol

4)Saw on one site about lua support in fte,its a joke?)
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Re: CSQC questions

Post by Spike »

this is not tested at all. it probably won't work.

2) logic running in csqc is specific to that client. logic running in ssqc is visible to all equally. you can use iqm exactly like mdl if you're lazy, but you won't get foot sync etc.
skeletal models can use the csqc skeletal objects extension if you want full control over how that model's skeleton is displayed each frame, but its easier to just use simple frame blending, no special logic needed then.

3) its easier to just use the decal system and get clipped decals that way.
if you want to chop stuff up, you *could* use the brush editing system and implement some csg subtraction in your ssqc or whatever, but this isn't a polished feature and may have sync issues currently.

you'll need to provide the libraries+headers. I think I tested with lua 5.1, but I've no idea if you'll need to fix anything for more recent versions, I don't really care enough to try.
servers will now load progs.lua in preference to progs.dat.
its ssqc only, and has limited extended-builtin support (as they need to be rewritten explicitly for it) but at least string manipulation can be handled natively by lua.
there's no guarentee that it'll work correctly.
you'll need to provide your own gamecode (vectors are a real pain). you'll probably need to look at the engine source to figure out how to call builtins. I don't recall what happened to my test lua gamecode.
So yes, its a bit of a joke feature (like the lua language itself..), but it was working at one point. I don't recommend seriously using it though, just because lua kinda sucks.
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Re: CSQC questions

Post by Max_Salivan »

will be better to use hlmdl,i'll try it later,when compile fte:D

i need to know,how csqc works(player model loading,blending,etc)
so,need to spend a lot of time on csqc stuff)

i dont wont to use lua,but its will be good for close source games
fte has a multiprogs for this(want to test this feature later)

and,yes,Spike,thanks for answers)

i'll use fte for my game later,because dp is not updating)
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Re: CSQC questions

Post by drm_wayne »

i remember theres an example for iqm playermodels and weapons somewhere (maybe here or quakeone.com)..
HLMDL is shit, i dont suggest to use it with fte, i tried it and it sucks xD..

Also this could be helpfull for fte games:

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