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Re: Quake Mod Showcase

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Cobalt wrote:Oh well forget it...I didnt realize the name changed for my idea.

I regret even putting an idea out there like that to begin with, and I dont think I will be posting / sharing any of my ideas here anymore as a result. I find it disrespectful to re-label someones good idea, and to boot, not even mention that this was my idea to begin with. Sorta makes me feel shit on before I even get a chance to see my idea being used. No thanks.
Well, considering that the section WAS originally named "Independent Game Development" and then was renamed in order to make it more inclusive of things that were NOT STANDALONE games, I (and apparently everybody else) didn't think it was terribly fair to make it QUAKE ONLY, do you? :wink:

And making a section entirely devoted to QUAKE ONLY would only serve to make things overly redundant.

A process like this should be open to the suggestions, concerns and input of other forum users. You wanted a section to post up project threads in a place where you could see only projects. You got that.

Further, I fail to see how what basically amounts to a "Feature Request" should warrant the erecting of a shrine to the greatness of Cobalt. :razz:

Nice butthurt though. This all happened quite a while ago. :neutral:
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