Something to toy with if you like homeworld

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Something to toy with if you like homeworld

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It took me blood sweat and tears but i now have the probably only playable version of homeworldsdl for windows, it does have a few quirks still though.
You cannot use the video menu for resolution changes, if you do the engine will hang so instead modify your shortcut to it with /1024 /d32 for 1024 x 768 resolution and 32 bit color.
Dont worry it autoscales to fit the next highest resolution when set like this.
the intro video code was disabled however the mission videos work and uses much the same solution as RBDoom3 namely playing the bink videos with ffmpeg.

I know someone will probably ask so no you cannot have the source code for this.
The reason is not my unwillingness to share it but rather that its only partially opensource.
Some of the code is generated from the game data so you have to have the full game to even start,
second you need access to relics original source code for the game and that requires registering with them also.
the rest is opensource and is mostly SDL related but again you need to register with the homesource site and request access to the svn trunk.

Hey cheer up though this runs pretty well :) on win 7 64 even hehe.
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