Dynamic Pixelization Filter

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Dynamic Pixelization Filter

Post by r00k »

Is it possible to render an entire scene to a shader that could pixelize the enter image?
I was thinking of how models cold look like sprites. But be perfectly 3d almost making it look like the sprite is generated in real time...

does any of this make sense?

like this

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Re: Dynamic Pixelization Filter

Post by Spike »

just render to texture?
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Re: Dynamic Pixelization Filter

Post by leileilol »

Why not just render the scene in 320x200 then scale that up as a nearest neighbor texture?

You can also try pulling this off in GLSL through a post-process shader (like in Darkplaces). There is a pixelization GLSL shader you could study in the Dolphin emulator's files.
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Re: Dynamic Pixelization Filter

Post by ceriux »

rook i was wondering the same thing the other day. would be cool if you could use csqc or something to emulate old rendering effects. i think it would look great maybe something similar to this http://www.indiedb.com/games/ancients-o ... yss/videos
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