What are you working on?

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Re: What are you working on?

Post by Eukara »

revelator wrote: Sun Jan 09, 2022 7:52 am blinks... woot.
nice job m8 :D

retired from the game coding scene years back when this site went boom, i still do some supportive work in the opensource community (Msys2) from time to time supplying patches and general help with getting things to run.

But good to see this site up and about again :biggrin:
Awesome! MSYS2 is a great project.
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Re: What are you working on?

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:biggrin: it is indeed, and thx.
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Re: What are you working on?

Post by SusanMDK »

Scaly demons, maybe changing the legs later to be normal humanoid legs, their walk animation looks kinda strange, alternative would be to make them walk on all 4 limbs and only raise up like this when attacking. They use the human size hitbox but with the FL_MONSTER flag to make them sort of bigger.

Tudor style textures, kinda slow to use if alterating the shapes like this. Normal map a little wrong with the beams not "bumping up", fixing later maybe. Planning to focus on making more textures and levels, polishing stuff later. Could maybe also update the palette, but only update the palette in the glsl shader (which wouldn't need to have a quake palette layout).
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Re: What are you working on?

Post by mankrip »

Susan, those monsters are great! Looks perfect for an indie game.
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