GL QuakeDroid - The Saga

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GL QuakeDroid - The Saga

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:arrowright: One time stupid story warning ...

Image Image (Heavy on user-friendly docs with pics. Brief but visual pics!) ... &start=156

Probably because of working on PSP Quake engines ...

I always wanted to make a engine that worked on all desktops (Windows/Mac/Linux) and all the mobile that matters (iPhone/Android). For those who don't know, there is a iPhone build in the source. I don't feeling like jumping through App Store hoops at the moment.

It needed to have multi-touch. It needed to have a maximal menu interface you can even adjust the sliders by touch. It needed to be playable on a phone (it is!). The menu had to support proper navigation on even a small phone screen (it does!).

It needed to have an on-screen keyboard. (it does)
It needed to have drag-look like Minecraft. (it does)
It should have game controller support. ericw gave an assist to speed that up. (obv = it does)
There should be a WinQuake and a GL version. (yes and yes)
It needed to provide a convenient way to install your map or mod on the phone (it does).
And it needed to be able to install from Quaddicted (type "install rapture" and see what happens).

QuakeDroid is chalked to the brim with mh enhancements. Whether interpolated animations in software or mh's blueprint for removing that nasty MGL dependency or the use of MH matrix code or on and on and on whether we are talking BSP2 or a zillion other things like loading a save game and stopping the look drift ...

Spike's work on Quakespasm Spiked allowed me to reasonably disassemble automatic LAN server detection. It also allowed me to more easily add ipv6 support, which I then refined further removing separation from Winsock vs. BSD sockets (FTE has no separation, not sure why QSS has them seperate ... go figure).

It also has every bug fix even mentioned or discussed at insideqc or inside3d including a handful of ones I found and may not have discussed (load game interpolation, reverse interpolation, some wild and crazy things).

Anyway, there is some more to do ...

But today I planted the flag on top of Mt. Everest.

Baker --- just a mere mortal. --- a very tenacious one, haha :razz: :razz:



/End stupid story. Time for beer. :beer: <---- no :beer: icon here.

The night is young. How else can I annoy the world before sunsrise? 8) Inquisitive minds want to know ! And if they don't -- well like that ever has stopped me before ..
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