q2xp 1.26.4 release

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q2xp 1.26.4 release

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What's new?

screen space local reflections for water & slime
screen space ambient occlusion
motion blur
radiosity normal mapping with high resolution lightmaps (vanilla Q2 & Reckoning)
fake sub-surface scattering for monster skin
complete vanilla Q2 relight
static VBO-IBO optimizations
improved light editor
Download win binaries here https://sourceforge.net/projects/quake2 ... 20release/
update media here for vanilla https://sourceforge.net/projects/quake2 ... ia/baseq2/
for Xatrix https://sourceforge.net/projects/quake2 ... ia/xatrix/.

Linux path not tested (sorry)

Other notes:

Use clean install, don't use old Q2XP paks or game config!!!
Win8 users with Creative Audigy or X-Fi cards should use software OpenAL audio device (select in options menu)
New build is very hard for video cards. Use geforce 660Ti or higher class cards with 2GB VRam (for 1080p with max engine settings).
Engine can work in simple mode (radiosity normal mapping + dynamic & styled lights only). For this mode set lightmap & specular multipliers to 1.0 (r_lightmapScale & r_ambientSpecularScale cvars correspondingly). For PPL mode, set to 0.5 & 0.3.
The Reckoning has new lightmaps only, no retexture or relight.
SSAO crush after video restart. Restart engine for fix
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