converting a mdl3 to mdl

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converting a mdl3 to mdl

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I had some time to port a free Q3model of Prior to Quake1.

Problem with the thing it has three parts in the Q3 world, head- torso and feet.
To make it more diverse they all had different frame counts, so in the start I felt like chicken.
Hardest part always are to unit the seperate dxf files into one.
Qmle has importing capacity, but only one frame for all the framecount of the pose.
I had no idea where to start.

My knowledge of max3d is very poor, so I construkted a base frame of the death pose of the three poses and rolled it back vertical.
The wings who were one sited I clipped so now they're vissible in Quake1.

With some bone construktion I could make it drag on again, thanks to a good Animation Master Studio.
Texturing is still a bit weird, but that was one of my last finishing jobs.

Happy Easter.

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