[opportunity]Potential great set of open-source art assets

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Re: [opportunity]Potential great set of open-source art asse

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Ehh, ok sorry this really wasn't my intend at all. I truely believe this is a great opportunity to develop an interesting game with a great set of assets. In fact I am willing to help out with 3D modelling (and converting etc.), but I lack the time and advanced programming skills to step up as the person to lead the efford.

But as it seems I really got everyone on the wrong foot here, this is my last post on the topic :(
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Re: [opportunity]Potential great set of open-source art asse

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No really big deal, it's easy to become too passionate about something.

Keep in mind that making games is hard, and game projects are only as strong as the development team. Ideally, the project leader should be multi-talented enough to be able to carry the project to completion alone by himself if need be (then it all comes down to time and project leader devotion) to complete the project.

Having a dev team can help accelerate completion of the project, but also can open the door to the project's failure should the project leader be unable to fill in when somebody drops out / and or the leader fails in management of the team. (if the project leader lacks ability to keep everybody on target, lacks the motivation, or cannot compensate / replace the lost skills when a teammember leaves, the project will fail as everybody gives up from being unable to hit goals.)

In short, if you want to be a successful independent game developer, be prepared to carry the project to the end yourself if you have too. (especially if you are attempting to be an independent FREEWARE game developer)
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