Wii engine tune up / overhaul / upgrade

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Wii engine tune up / overhaul / upgrade

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I LOVE playing quake on my Wii. In my option there is no better platform to play it on… that is when it dose not lock up… I enjoy the controls of pointing my wii mote at the screen and shooting down all the monster.

The engine is I need of a tune up it seems to lock up often when loading some maps and it dose not seem to like quoth or drake mods at all. This is very sad there 2 of the best mods with some of the best maps… trying to run id1 maps with the mods dose not go very well… Even locks up on the standard mission packs too. I like to play around with qc a bit trying out all the patches and tut from hear. Now it seems to lock up on my little qc mod. :x

I was wondering if there were any engine coder willing to look at the source and bring it up to date with everything we now have for quake. I would love to be able to have darkplaces wii or something like that where newer maps such as wicked would play and to be able to have a more HD experience on the wii. I did see where darkplaces was put on a phone so that gives me hope that the wii may just have enuf power in it to pull this off. Maybe not I really don’t know. From my understanding the WiiU also uses the same homebrew so any efforts to make this better would work on the new WiiU.

The original authors seem to no longer be updating this work so I would just like to make the request that if any one with the skills has any interest in making this a better engine please do. Maybe this is something that will be of interest to an engine coder today or maybe this is just a message in a bottle for someone to find later and work with. No matter what I’m sure I will still be playing quake.

I feel there are a few tweaks that could be done to make it work better with the wii as far as specifics things with the wii. But overall it would be nice if it could just run ALL of the quake mods and maps that work on pc. I hope this is of interest to some one as a coder as much as It is to me as a player.

Thankyou for your considerations
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