uHexen2 (Hammer of Thyrion) v1.5.7

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uHexen2 (Hammer of Thyrion) v1.5.7

Postby szo » Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:41 am

Version 1.5.7 of Hammer of Thyrion (uHexen2) is released:

Project page

Short ChangeLog:

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* All platforms, gameplay, mission pack: fixed an hcode bug which would
  make the spiders seemingly invincible for a difficulty-depending time.
* All platforms, gameplay: Crusader partial heal at certain experience
  thresholds now starts at level 3 to be consistent with the manual.
* All platforms, gameplay: Many small HexenC fixes and clean-ups.
* All platforms, hexen2: Better cross-map demo playback support.
* OpenGL: fix screenshots when screen width isn't a multiple of 4.
* OpenGL: minor gamma updates.
* Windows: fixed DPI scaling issues.
* Windows, CD audio: fixed the "-cddev" command line option.
* Music: Support for FLAC codec and tracker (MOD) music including unreal
  umx files. (edit the makefiles to enable when compiling.)
* Utils, hcc: Added a command line option "-os" to compact the strings
  heap by eliminating duplicates. some minor revisions.
* Utils, jsh2color: ignore minlight values from the -light command line
  switch: eliminates the majority of the ugly black patches from eidolon
  and rider2c maps. bumped its version to 1.2.6.
* All platforms: External wal texture loading is now a compile time
  option, disabled by default.
* HexenWorld: Support for a new protocol 26: if the client sends '*cap'
  userinfo with a 'c', the server returns protocol 26 instead of 25 and
  sends the sound and model lists in small chunks like quakeworld does.
  Old clients versus new servers and new clients versus old servers are
  not affected and run using the original protocol 25 as they used to.
  The new protocol 26 connection sequence avoids packet fragmentation.
* DOS: HexenWorld is now supported on DOS. requires uhexen2 v1.5.7 or
  newer hexenworld servers to connect. (see above for hw protocol 26.)
* DOS: OpenGL support on 3Dfx Voodoo cards.
* DOS: Experimental support for several PCI sound cards (see README.dos)
* Several small fixes, tidy-ups, safeguards elsewhere in the sources.
* Added a shell script to run different versions of the game which can
  be useful for system-wide installations. (see scripts/
* Removed the gtk launcher.
* Updated third-party libraries (music codecs and SDL).
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Re: uHexen2 (Hammer of Thyrion) v1.5.7

Postby qbism » Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:11 am

Cool, I happened to be playing a recent dev build earlier today! Over time, I've played this on FreeDOS, DosBox and a few versions of Linux and Windows. The consistency and stability across platforms is a great achievement.
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