Ceriux's Nub Tutorials [getting animations into your .mdl]

Need help with a tutorial found on Post here.

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Ceriux's Nub Tutorials [getting animations into your .mdl]

Postby ceriux » Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:48 am

Ok so we have our quake.mdl compiled, but it has no animations? just a base frame right? well there's a reason. since we're only making a basic weapon, you technically didnt have to compile your model at that time, you could have just finished your animations then exported to md3 and finished the rest of the steps to convert it to a .mdl. but what if you wanted to add more frames later on? well this is why i added this as a second part to the tutorial.

I like to save all of my animations as seperate .smd's for back ups or just in case so i can go back and edit my animations if need be.

this tutorial is extremely basic, all you have to really do is animate your model "make your back up smd's" then export to md3 and follow the rest of the process to convert to .mdl. the only difference i would suggest when doing this is when you save it, to save it as a different name, such as "pistol_fire.md3" or something.

after you have you pistol_fire.md3 converted to pistol_fire.mdl simply export the frames using "export multiple frames" (as the .frs format) and import them to your pistol.mdl.

all finished. here's an example of the .md3's new .qc file.

Code: Select all
// Quake III Arena MD3 control file, generated by MilkShape 3D
$model "C:\qmdl\pistol.md3"
// reference frame
//$frames -1 -1
// frame 1-30
$frames 1 6  // this has been changed from $frames 1 1 to $frames 1 6 so that we can tell the compiler that there are 1 through 6 frames.
$flags 0
$numskins 0

// you can have one or no parent tag

// tags

// meshes (surfaces)
$mesh "Cone01"
$skin "C:\qmdl\tex\tut_pistol.tga"
$flags 0

and here's the source for the work.
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