Stroggs Gone Mad MOD vs Other Quake 2 MODS

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Stroggs Gone Mad MOD vs Other Quake 2 MODS

Postby uzi9mmauto » Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:54 pm

For those of you wondering about the Quake II MOD- Stroggs Gone MAD. You can find it here on this site at along with some info. I've played and messed with many mods and I am sure there are more out there I haven't discovered.
Out of all of them for being flexible and down right practical. Very few can be used on SP and MP without shortcuts and being directed in various ways.
Thankfully this MOD uses the common .DLL [gamex86.dll] and can simply replace the original Quake 2 one. Making it an excellent addition to the Quake 2 Repacks I've done. We all know there are many great works of art for Quake 2 but one thing ALWAYS stands out.. Where the enemies are- what enemy is there and what the enemy will be doing. You can use all the eyecandy (Eye Candy?) in the world but as I said- the game is predictable.

Thankfully all of that ends when you use the Stroggs Gone Mad Mod! Doing something as simple as loading your weapon will get you killed. Even something a simple as moving quietly. (So You Thought) The enemies have what is worded as a 'Scan Radar' which makes the game..whats the word? unpredictable and FUN! :mrgreen: Another common thing about MODS is how they only work on certain maps. :idea: Again, all that changes with the SGM MOD(Sick of typing it all out) as you can take any quake 2 map. Follow the simple directions that came with the MOD and do a simple walkthrough, which shows the enemies the 'new' map and where they can run,hide,ambush or snipe you! As we know with any changes and/or Mods we will have what we call "Bugs". Actually I only found ONE but it's super annoying and makes me dizzy. Whatever you do- NEVER get caught being closeup to the that 'whore' (Whats her name Athena?) [Google's the Question] :roll: Oh, yes of course her name or is known as "Iron Maiden"...How sexy is that? Hey Iron Maiden, your hot! :lol: Sorry- it doesn't cut it with me..

So, what happens or why do you not want to get caught in close quarters with Iron Maiden? Well the MOD maker missed this-but for some reason when she start moaning you can't shoot at her suddenly. You seem like you slipped into a pot hole frozen. Your gun is now aimed at the ceiling and your view starts to spin and you do this while holding your gun up in air. When you try to recover-each time she moans or fires shit at you- you start to get dizzy. Your controls start to invert and she kills your ass. The game actually makes me cross eyed and sick to my stomach. (You know that feeling you get after you wear someone super strong glasses and everything spins, almost making you ill??) So, other than that, unless it's a bug with my Video card, stay a distance at her. Let me know if this is a rarity or if it's a bug the maker who mentions could fix?

Listen, aside form that ONE tiny big and the fact it is RARE to even get that close to Iron maiden. This is the perfect addition to the game as it works on
SP or Coop or DM!! Simply be replacing the .dll. (It's easier than making a shortcut to the Stroggs folder each time) Aside from making the enemies 'smarter. They seemed to have borrowed weapons from other enemies and have new tricks of their own. When I was firing at the Enforcer he actually put his arm up in self defense (Like the exwife does when she wants more alimony and you go to hit her with a steel bar).. Then after a couple of shots that do nothing. Then the Enforcer does something that Brain does when you fire at him. He puts up a green self defense shield. At the same time either him or one of the Light Guards start firing greenish Fiery Orbs and Red Lasers at you. Then when you turn to fire (Before you fire now) one of the Light Guards duck to the ground or kneel after you fire. Suddenly the enemies instead of walking up to you to fire, are shooting from everywhere.

Before you know it they have you blocked in and they no longer 'wait' for you. They keep moving and chase you when you try to take off. One of many reasons this MOD is bad ass! Also most/all the other enemies fire new weapons at your ass. Then you have new enemies too, known as the Stroggs. Hence the name "Stroggs Gone Mad". Well, while I typed this paragraph out, I became distracted a lot and am losing focus to what else I wanted to say. SO, I will try to end this here. This SGM MOD is what I would call a 'Master Mod". One this MOD can also be used in conjunction with others at the same time. It's a near perfect addition to any newly designed or repacked Quake 2. Ok- look forward to hearing back. Thank You for taking the time to read my short and unintelligible post. :?
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