Part of my design doc (lore)

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Part of my design doc (lore)

Postby ceriux » Wed Feb 09, 2011 10:29 pm

so this is more or less the back story behind my current game in development.

forgive me if it's horrible, but i am no lore writer . it's my first attempt.

The country of Deifica was once a calm land, with minor worries. The Orc's were of their greatest problems. However the King Argus's father (King Herold) who had been at war with the Orc's for the majority of his rule signed a treaty with his advesary's on the day his son was born, making King Argus's time at the thrown seemingly relaxed compared to his fathers rein, till recently.

Ten years ago, King Argus deemed the practice of necromancy illegal , in doing so imprissoned many people for refusing to discontinue their practices. Although some of those that refused fled deep to the depths of the great chasm, it is here that they built their own kingdom on the outskirts of the underworld.

This "necromancer's kingdom" is ruled by a man named Galos. Many believed that Galos was insane even before necromancy was deemed to be illegal. He always had bizzar thoughts , and claimed he was going to do what no necromancer had accomplished before, and complete the ritual to become a lich, an all powerful half dead , half living imortal of great dark magic.

But recently word has reached King Argus that Galos's insane thoughts were a reality. Galos has reached his goal of achieving the power he had seeked and this has been further backed by the appearence of the undead rising and demons roaming the lands.

King Argus realized that if he does not take action that the life as him and his people know it will be altered for ever. Realizing this, King Argus has built an army in preperations for protecting his kingdom and has raised a reward for renown aventurers to chase down this nemisis and stop this armegedon before it even get's started.

Will you be the hero that Deifica needs? Praise the gods for your delieverence if you are!
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