Some kind of SandBox.

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Some kind of SandBox.

Postby Ranger366 » Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:59 pm

Maybe mostly know me as the guy who controls one well known Half-Life Modification
which is SandBox oriented. Yes, the Engine is not happy with the mod
but nevermind that...

After some working with the Frikbot AGAIN, i saw the pretty well done
waypoint menu and the idea Sandbox came up. (sorry guys, i hate
making waypoints, so i saw the menu 1 year later...)
well, im not a big fan of SandBox games anymore, but the
mod case of editing Quake Ingame is missing.
This would be cool on QuakeWorld, with gyro, lots of entities
and Frika-C's FileSystem we could combine it to something cool.
I know that the FileSystem needs some Engine Enhancements too
so its not really-runnable on Vanilla Quake, and i dont know
which engines do not support it...

Obviously, editing Quake Ingame and Creating Stuff, Modifying
Ents and such sounds really cool when its fully Serverside
and you dont have to download anything :8
NPC spawning and waypointing...

Btw, i would love to see weapon scripting with the FileSystem...
im currently working on a scratch QuakeC project, and got simple things in.

the most important thing is to create things ingame.
so dont think im going to remake a well known SourceMod
on the Quake Engine...

and no, this is no request...
i thought about something like dropbox... we... uhm cool.
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Postby Spirit » Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:09 pm

Not sure what you are talking about but there are some sandboxish Quake mods:

-lurker's QuakeBuilder (qbuild01,zip)
-Some other mod. You could place brushes and stuff, released some years ago (2006ish). I have no clue who made it or what it was called. Don't think you could save though.
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Postby Feared » Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:35 pm

Isn't that Cube Engine?
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