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Postby ceriux » Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:28 pm

As a still learning developer when i watch a game i look not so much at the game its self but the content. i look at what they might have done in their art work and try to figure out techniques of how i could produce similar work, looking deep into the details. Not only do i look at that art work but i also look at the features and what makes the game fun or what makes the game not fun at all and with that i try to take the ideas that are already in game and i try to think of ways i can also improve or change their ideas to make for better gameplay.

now on a players point of view id say my best experience with watching someone play was with resident evil 3 for the ps1. i used to go to my older cousins house every weekend and we'd sit down and play resident evil 3. simple but fun game, 3rd person shooter and some puzzles. at the time my cousin told me when he beat the game with out my imput and ideas on what to do in some parts of the game it would have taken him forever just to get to the end. not only that after watching hima nd helping him with my imput by the time i got to experince the game myself it was more fun believe it or not. i knew what was going to happen for the most part . but by the time i got to play by myself i had readied strategys and ideas on how to complete some of the toughest puzzles. in the end i had an even better experince after i was able to watch and then play on my own.
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Postby WhiteMagicRaven » Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:03 pm

scar3crow wrote:I can enjoy watching people play stock Hexen or Doom2, but its mostly passive enjoyment, and falls behind the opportunity to play it myself.

I am paying this online almost always, using skulltag.
Doom, Heretic, HeXen Deathmatch rullez =)
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