Absolute Beginners guide to using shaders

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Re: Absolute Beginners guide to using shaders

Postby goldenboy » Sat Jul 26, 2014 5:48 pm

For Radiant users, if you want to cook with gas, you can convert q1 .map to q3 .map using old versions of q3radiant (2.02 IIRC, look at the id software ftp server.) From then on, you can simply use the Darkplaces gamepack for mapping instead of the Quake one.

For triggers and such, you can simply install the Q3 "common shaders" which can be downloaded from the web, probably also from the gtkradiant site. You'll still have to learn how to write sky and water shaders (personally I use fte's altwater glsl shader instead.)

You get to keep the entities after converting, might have to search and replace textures and tweak lights though.
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