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Postby goldenboy » Sat Apr 11, 2009 7:00 pm

Personally, I really loved the loose bazaar type feeling of Qexpo 2008. Hanging out on IRC for 4 weeks and meeting lots of people felt really cool.

I guess if you're going for a three-day-totally-organized style of event, it would be more about "showing off" than "hanging out".

For this, you'd need to be very sure that enough heavyweight projects are finished at exactly that point in time. You'd need to directly work with content creators *before* the expo so you can plan it out exactly.

If it's only three days, 70% of people will not make the deadline. You know how it is. So I guess that 10 days would be reasonable. But are there even enough projects to fill 10 days of releases with?

Also, news coverage would need to be there immediately from the get-go, immediately at 100%. That was not the case last time, where it picked up more slowly instead. There weren't many news posts during the first three days at all, so this would need to change radically.

Again, towards this goal there would need to be collaboration and communication between the various projects (umm, there are projects, right?) and the newsposters *before* the expo so the news guys know exactly what will be released and when.

Also, if the news posts should be in the style of "booth spotlights", there will need to be enough persons writing them. Like, at least 6.

Somehow I don't think this is how the community ticks, though. I think Qexpo 2008 was pretty representative of how things are going. I don't think that it's necessarily bad though, it's just how it is.

Limiting the expo to just a few days and basically "hoping" that people will release enough stuff on time, is asking for trouble.

Personally, I am in the camp that can live without an expo type event. If one is held, I'll support it though.

Finally, I believe there should be about six months between announcement and the actual event. Most people only code and map in their spare time. I would think that July or August would be too early. Summer might not be the best time anyway, people will be at the beach instead of at the computer.
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Postby Urre » Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:23 pm

Vacation times might not be the best, yeah... Otherwise I'm not so sure, the very short length and relatively harsh deadlines made early expos a very intense and cool experience. Really, I for one found it inspiring to have a deadline to work against, really crunching right before the expo launched, and I wouldn't be shocked if many others felt the same way. I found the turnout great when we simply "hoped" people would be done in time. There's a psychological reasoning in this, which is simply, if the people running the show know the expo is the place to be at, people will have more respect for the event, and do their best to show up in time, cause they wouldn't want to miss the very cool expo. Very similar to people who make themselves a little exclusive are often more popular than people who try to please everyone.
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Postby Madfox » Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:50 pm

As I'm only a singleplayer lots of the events people are talking about slip away under my window.
I can imagine it must be a great joy to hang out on IRC and talk with mappers and developpers.
Also it must be fun to play tournaments and all, while new things come along each new day.
On the other hand I can't put the feeling aside that every bit of more can be too much.
I had lots of work to booth my page and soon came to the point I couldn't do this every year.

Still I'm surprised about the things I can find at the earlier boots, as my interest turn up more to the point of developping than actually playing on line.
Much fun with the arcade quake, also preach modelling help still keeps my attention caught.

So also there might be no Q13Anniversary, I still have a mighty load on the former boots.
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