Big Thanks for QExpo 2008

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Big Thanks for QExpo 2008

Postby CocoT » Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:33 am

I just wanted to use this thread to thank all the people behind this year's QExpo. I have in mind (among others) quakers like Jehar, Scar3Crow, Lardarse, Goldenboy and Error, PappyR for the great PlanetQuake coverage, as well as Quadz and the whole Tastyspleen bunch, of course, for hosting our beloved gem.

Yes, gem. There has been something grandiose (but in a non-pendantic way) and unique about all the QExpos and this year's was no different. I think all Inside3D and Func members can be extremely proud of the parts they played in making "end-users gaming history", throughout the years.
However "trendy" some other game communities out there might be, QExpo is the most sucessful example of its kind of a community-inspired, community-based, community-organized modding (in the very large sense of the term) event. In each of its "versions", QExpo has proven that it could always kick ass and, if needed, that the Quake1, Quake2 and Quake3 communities are great, fun and extremely creative communities to be members of.
As a member of the Quake1 community, I was blown away by the life that is still left in our favourite shooter, by the quality of all releases (there were some incredibly great maps and mods out there!) and the number of booths. I think we are an example of how a community can continuously reinvent itself. For that, I also want to congratulate all the people that took part in it, whether they released something or not.
In other words... this was a great QExpo :)
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Postby Urre » Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:20 am

Although I wasn't able to participate or take part of this years expo to the extent I hoped to, I'd nonetheless like to thank Jehar and Tastyspleen for the hosting, awesome stuff!

Speaking of awesome, Arcade Quake anyone?
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