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Kingpin AI

Postby daemonicky » Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:20 am

do You know how does Kingpin AI works :?: Some people claim it is very good, what makes it so great?

This should show You paths bots planned.

I edited autoexec.cfg, and added

Code: Select all
set console 1
developer 1
set developer 1
debuggraph 1
set debuggraph 1
set win_noalttab 0
set skill 0
set nav_aipath 1
set nav_debug 1

Because of waypoints path is skewed somewhat.

I wonder, these paths sometimes blink. Does it mean Kingpin's bots have some rest timers :?:
Or they re-plan paths at some intervals :?:

How to get back to Windows from Kingpin

I don't know whether there is problem to task-switch from Kingpin to other application in Linux or on other computers, but it was on mine, it may be also on Yours. ALT-TAB seems not to work here; I even tried to . (I used OpenGL driver, if it might make difference; emulated Glide was slow.)
1) You have to press ALT-ENTER to go to windowed mode.
2) You have to press ESC to menu.
3) Then Your mouse can leave Kingpin's window.

Thanks. :)
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