The Definitive Frikbot Waypack Version 2

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The Definitive Frikbot Waypack Version 2

Postby Lightning Hunter » Wed May 25, 2011 4:16 am

Definitive Frikbot Waypack updated to version 2.0 on May 24th, 2011!

The Frikbot Waypack has been updated to Version 2! This version adds support for about 110 additional maps, bringing the total amount of supported maps to nearly 500! Highlights in this release include support for many large 32-player maps, lots of great DM series such as APDM1-5, Dranzdm5-8, Impdm1-5, IKSPQ1-4, Naked1-7, rcdm1-10, skis1-5, soedm1-6, XL1DM1-7, and many more. Some of the newer maps released in the last year are also in this version, including Zaka's latest map, "Naughty". You can find 24-bit textures for this map below. I updated a few older waypoints, and made all the filenames in this pack lowercase (someone mentioned this being an issue with a particular Quake engine in the last release). Follow the same directions in this post as last time, and download the updated Waypack and corresponding Mappack in the links below!

The Definitive Frikbot Waypack

After a year worth of work, version 2 of the Definitive Frikbot Waypack is out! Get ready for hours of bot fragging fun!

This pack adds bot support for nearly 500 user created Quake maps, all extensively tested and perfected by the biggest bot perfectionist (me). It is for use with the Frikbots. Around 280 of these were created from scratch, while the rest were improved by me. When I say improved, I mean that I basically spent so much time updating waypoints by other authors that it probably would have been easier creating them from scratch. I was very meticulous about making sure each and every map had the best bot support possible. I didn't slack off in any one map! For this very reason, I have titled this pack the Definitive Frikbot Waypack. You will not find a more comprehensive archive of Frikbot waypoints - all of them the very best quality. Nothing has been left out, so stop your waypoint searching here. ;)

Supported Maps
There is no way I'm going to list all of the maps here, but I'll just say that all the most popular ones are there - including many of the new releases! Aerowalk, the ztn series, Ultrav, the pope series, plpak series, dapak series, ukpak series, Misdm series, fragtown series, efdm series, and much more. There are some rare maps supported in this archive that many people have probably never heard of!

PainKeep Support
All the official Painkeep maps have been given special attention with this release. Although the waypoints were originally created by Monster, I felt that they needed much more work. I spent hours improving these waypoints. In the case of pk6, I spent 6+ hours improving/testing just the one map! The very last video at the bottom is from this map. All Painkeep maps have this kind of bot support with this release.

Make sure to grab the Frikbots merged with Painkeep here to play using the painkeep mod. You can also play the Painkeep maps without the painkeep mod - they just won't have the new weapons. The bots will understand the maps both ways.

Where To Download The Maps
In correspondence to the waypoint pack, I have compiled an archive of all the maps and uploaded them separately. I did this to make it very convenient, so you don't have to go searching for download links to all 500 maps. Some of these maps are rare and almost impossible to find anyway. You don't have to download the mappack if you simply want bot support for a handful of maps in your Quake folder, which is why I uploaded them separately. The Waypoint pack is only about 800kb, while the Mappack is over 100MB. I highly recommend downloading the mappack if you want to experience all if it though!

-Download the and, and extract them both to your Frikbot mod folder. Make sure to use folder names, so that everything goes to the right locations.

-In the \maps folder where you extracted everything, you will notice there are 47 .ENT files, along with QBSP.exe and "ENT patches.bat". Run the ENT Patches batch file to modify 47 maps to work better with the Frikbots.

NOTE: I didn't want to upload any modified .BSP files in order to respect the mappers, so I included the ENT patch as an alternative. Basically, there are some maps that don't work right with the Frikbots unless you modify their ent files. If you don't run "ENT patches.bat", then 47 of the supported maps will have some major issues, or not work at all with the Frikbots. This is mostly due to mappers including waypoints for other bots in the .ent files, which screws up the Frikbots. I did include some minor fixes to various maps in these patches, such as better playerstarts for the Fragtown series.

-That should be it! I included a maps.cfg file that has all the maps with this release. If you want hours upon hours of bot fragging fun, I recommend you turn on random map rotation, and let the game surprise you with a new map every time a match is over! This is the main reason I created this pack!

Download Links

NOTE: This pack does not currently support QuakeWorld. There was simply too much work involved in converting all 500 waypoints. I don't think QW even supports that many maps, anyway. It should work with every other engine, however.
The Waypoint Pack
The Mappack

Mappack Mirrors:
None Yet. Hope to have some soon!

Various 24-bit Texture Packs

Here are some high-res texture packs to complement a few of the maps in this pack. Download them if you want to spruce up the appearance of a few maps.

Schloss 24-bit Textures
Skull 24-bit Textures
Dad 24-bit Textures
Dad2 24-bit Textures
Doomed 24-bit Textures
Tuhnu2 24-bit Textures
Cmt1b 24-bit Textures
Naughty 24-bit Textures


Some videos I recorded to show off the navigation of the Frikbots with this pack. You will see the bots make mistakes in the game of course (Frikbots aren't perfect), but this shows what you are downloading, nonetheless.

Cmt1b: Shows the bots navigating the map pretty well.
YouTube - Cmt1b

Spirit1dm2: The bots navigate Spirit's new map that just came out.
YouTube - Spirit1dm2

Ztndm6: The bots get all the secrets in this popular Ztn map. They even use the secret teleporter!
YouTube - Ztndm6

Efdm12: The frikbot collects 3 very hard to obtain power-ups in a minute.
YouTube - Efdm12

Agent: The bot Rocket Jumps into an air-vent to obtain a hard-to-reach Pentagram.
YouTube - Agent

Ztnbase: Great navigation on this large base map by Ztn.
YouTube - Ztnbase

Damaul2: The bots grab all items in this massive level!
YouTube - Damaul2

Pk6: This last video simply shows a bug I manipulated with the Frikbots to get them to perform a 2-button sequence in this Painkeep map. The part where the bot gets stuck on the wall was where the bug was abused. Basically, I tricked them into only going for the buttons if the Rocket Launcher room is not yet open. Once the room to the RL is open, they no longer go for the buttons. Play this map for yourself, and you will see them get that RL room open in about 3-5 minutes on their own (with about 4-6 bots in the map).
YouTube - Painkeep 6
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Re: The Definitive Frikbot Waypack Version 2

Postby qbism » Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:57 pm

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