Your interesting AI Glitches

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Do you like AI glitches in games and ejoy dissecting (reverse engineering) them?

like them, like dissecting them
like them, hate dissecting them
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Your interesting AI Glitches

Postby daemonicky » Thu May 19, 2011 2:37 pm

I am playing Project Snowblind. And AI did crazy thing to one grunt. There was a shootout and I notited one grunt. He was not moving, he kept staring at place where I entered from. After making few screenshots I hurt the guy with grenade, nothing, then I pushed him with "gravity gun" and he woke up and started attacking me. I wonder what happened.

Was it that he forgot to do something - how could it look in code? What approach they took to make AI? Was it that they spawned a guy and I missed a trigger which made him start thinking? Who knows, but I like to think about bugs in games ... :)

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