Help: Re-ordering bones issue

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Help: Re-ordering bones issue

Postby OneManClan » Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:57 am

Hi all.

Has anyone been able to change the order of an IQMs bones, using the 'bone order' field of Salzmans Blender->IQM Exporter? Salzman says:
The "Bone order" option specifies the name of an optional text file (relative to the export path) containing an ordering of bones for export, one bone name per line

so i made a text ('bubs_player_bones.txt') file, looks like this:

I typed 'bubs_player_bones.txt' in the 'Bone Order' box.. but no go.. (it didn't output anything)

Tried absolute path, no diff.

Renamed it 'bubs_player_bones', no diff.

I emptied the "Bone order" box, (to test) it exported perfectly, so the issue is definitely 'what goes in that box'.... I *think*.

I tried: "root,spine1,spine2,spine3" (an idea suggested by toneddu2000 in this thread), no go.

He also says
toneddu2000 wrote:On my pc, Linux or Windows no matter, IQM bone order feature didn't work. It couldn't load my bones file. After a talk with Lee (thanks a lot Lee!) I managed a workaround. For those interested in preserve bone order in IQM models, open and go to line 1038 and ....

Is this 'workaround' to allow you to reorder the bones? toneddu2000 uses the word 'preserving' rather than 're-ordering' (the bones), and "model will be exported with original bone order instead of the scrambled one" so I'm not even sure were talking about the same thing.

In any case, I edited the python script, saved, restarted Blender, no go.

So .. has anyone successfully reordered bones while exporting Blender->IQM?
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