[FTEQW]IQM Viewmodel and framegroups

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[FTEQW]IQM Viewmodel and framegroups

Postby jjsullivan5196 » Sat May 17, 2014 8:16 am

Hi all, I'm currently trying to replace the axe in quake with a pair of fists.

I've made and animated the fists model, exported it, tested it as a spawnable entity and everything is working as it should. Problem is, when I replace v_axe in the quakec source with the fists model, self.weaponframe does not start any animations and they stay stuck at the first frame of the idle animation. Is this a result of me overlooking something or is this purely a technical issue? Would I need to use CSQC or something?

I appreciate any help.

(To note, I've created an impluse command that sets self.weaponframe to 1. For every other weapon, it goes to frame 1 and resets, but the fists do nothing.)
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Re: [FTEQW]IQM Viewmodel and framegroups

Postby Nahuel » Sat May 17, 2014 10:48 am

You need the fremegroup file for the iqmmodels this will be named "v_axe.mdl.framegroup"
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Re: [FTEQW]IQM Viewmodel and framegroups

Postby Spike » Sat May 17, 2014 3:47 pm

/me fixes.

builds before revision 4660 omit support for framegroups on viewmodels, and will only show pose 0 within any framegroup.
they should autoanimate properly in 4660, which will have finished compiling by the time I submit this text.

as Nahuel says, you can split up the poses within a framegroup into individual 'groups' of one pose if you want direct control over the poses used like vanilla quake had.
you can do this by creating a text file: progs/v_fists.iqm.framegroups (or whatever your model was called)
this file should contain 'firstpose posecount framerate loopflag newgroupname' lines. doing so will cause the engine to ignore all the framegroups within the model and to pool all the poses into a single block, before forming new framegroups.
you can use the modelviewer command to check that the framegroups came out as desired. pgup+pgdn to change the displayed frame/framegroup.
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Re: [FTEQW]IQM Viewmodel and framegroups

Postby jjsullivan5196 » Sat May 17, 2014 5:34 pm

Thanks spike, that was quick, didn't even know this wasn't a feature yet. It's crucial to my project.

I like using FTEQW as it seems to have the best support for skeletal animation out of all the other sourceports, and the best documentation in general. Thanks for including the viewmodel feature.
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