MD2 Models + Normal Maps in Darkplaces

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MD2 Models + Normal Maps in Darkplaces

Postby DusterdooSmock » Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:38 am

Hey guys, I've got a question that it should be fairly easy for someone to help me with..
I've been able to successfully load normal maps in Darkplaces thanks to help from a friend, and they look great.
I've also been able to load MD2 models using some information I found here on the forum.
However, I'm having a couple small problems/ things that I am unsure about..
My main concern is loading textures for MD2 models... Say you have a weapon model named "v_weapon.mdl" (I read somewhere on the forum to rename MD2 models to end in the MDL file extension) and the model calls to load the texture "v_weapon.tga". I've tried placing textures in the progs folder with their correct names, but the game is unable to load them. I was wondering what directory the textures should be placed in so that they can be loaded? And as for my other concern, would I place the normal map in the same direcory that the "v_weapon.tga" texture was placed and name it "v_weapon_norm.tga", or place it in the progs folder and name it "v_weapon.mdl_0_norm.tga" as you would normally do for an MDL model?
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Re: MD2 Models + Normal Maps in Darkplaces

Postby Seven » Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:03 am

Hello DusterdooSmock,

what you just described is basically one of the main differences between mdl and its successors md2 and md3.
A md2 or md3 model has a texture path for its skin included.
You can edit/change this texture path in your favorite md2 / md3 model editor.

Nobody here can tell you the path that your specific "v_weapon.md2" example uses.
But DarkPlaces will tell you :)
When you load the game/map and DarkPlaces cannot find the skin, it writes it in the console.
So you have to open your console and read the warning message.

It will say a little something like this:
Code: Select all
model v_weapon.mdl texture cannot be found in  models/weapons/weapon1.pcx

So you know now where to put and how to name your model skin.

Next is of course to change the path to a more familiar if you want (using the model editor as described above).

Regarding the normals:
The normal texture must always be placed where the diffuse texture is.
You already wrote the correct naming :
Diffuse: "v_weapon.tga"
Normal: "v_weapon_norm.tga"

And yes, DarkPlaces will automagically detect the format (mdl, or md2 or md3, and some others). The ending in your progs folder is always xxxx.mdl
Depending on the "real" format, your skin must be placed in its declared texture path. If it is a simple .mdl it is always in the progs folder itself.

Good luck,
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