Handmade Hero

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Handmade Hero

Postby r00k » Tue Dec 02, 2014 5:26 pm

I found this the other day, a guy is making a 2d game from scratch on video, explaining everything as he makes the game.
Seems to only be about 2 weeks old so far...

i guess its a programming tut ;)
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Re: Handmade Hero

Postby Baker » Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:19 am

It is nice blog and thanks for bringing awareness to it. And I like some of his comments/mentality on coding including his harsh-like limited criticism of object-oriented programming.

But here is my gut instinct: It will take him 3 years at the rate he is going to build a game from scratch including *AND* make videos every day.

I am interested in watching his videos on sound as I am thin in the sound mixing department.
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Re: Handmade Hero

Postby r00k » Thu Dec 04, 2014 3:58 pm

Yes! He stated that the game wont be finished until 2016.

Plus two years after the final release, he said he will release it to the public domain.

Why are you doing this project?
Game programmers need to start creating high-quality teaching materials for their trade. While most game programmers frequently post about specific algorithms they've discovered, few ever post about the programming methodologies they have found to be effective, nor about how they approach the general problems inherent in developing a large, complex game codebase. As a result, novice game programmers looking to learn the basics of programming must rely on materials from other industries that are often of dubious quality.
Personally, I have found most resources that purport to teach people how to "program properly" actually teach primarily bad programming practices. The copious emails I received from college students around the world in response to a post I made about compression-oriented programming confirmed for me that there are many young programmers out there whose progress is being hamstrung by bad learning materials. This project is an attempt to provide one high-quality alternative, and perhaps to convince other experienced game programmers to think about what they could do to help teach the next generation of game programmers how to program well.
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