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hellknight axe weapon tutorial help

PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 4:58 pm
by Izael
Hi all. Thanks for the help.

I am currently trying to do Pastor's "Hellknight Axe Weapon" tutorial and I am running into some snags.

The code won't compile as its presented in the tut, I think he may have forgotten one small thing:

weapons.qc(52): Unknown value "launch_spike"

so I went to the top of weapons.qc and under void() SuperDamageSound; I added void() launch_spike; it compiles OK but then in-game when I swing the axe, I hear the hellknight fireball sound but no fireballs flying out and both nailguns don't fire any nails; i think void() launch_spike is probably somewhere in one of the other .qc files and this launch_spike is overwriting it and causing the function to be removed? I am lost...

Someone please help! Thanks.