3D Realms Plans QUAKE-Engine Shooter

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Re: 3D Realms Plans QUAKE-Engine Shooter

Postby KillPixel » Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:29 am


Hi and thanks! To answer your question, no, I'm not part of inside3d "old guard". In fact, I think this post is only my 3rd.

Now, to answer your other questions:

Some user on YouTube said you're using Darkplaces engine, is it correct? Do you plan to make changes to it and release it?

Yes to all.

Are you also thinking to use Darkplaces' r_shadow_bouncegrid pseudo-global illumination or to improve it?

We're not using that, no. Our lights are baked aside from some special effects.

As somebody knows, I'm a huge fan of FTE game engine and I adore Spike's work on maintaining, updating and fixing the engine (also with Eukara's help, of course). Can I ask you if you took in consideration to use FTE and, if yes, why then you didn't use it?

FTE is a great engine and we considered using it and did a few tests. We ultimately stayed with DP, and not because of any faults in FTE, but because we had already built so much in DP and it already provided us with everything we needed, so we stuck with it.

Do you plan to add any physics engine (ODE, Bullet or PhysX) to add cinematic visuals like ragdolls, or cave debris fall down, barrels explode, etc

Nope, no phyiscs. We tossed around the idea using it to cause monsters to rag out after the death animation so they would rest more naturally on irregular geometry, but that's about it. Advanced physics looks too modern for what we're going for.


I appreciate the insight and your offer - we may take you up on that!
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Re: 3D Realms Plans QUAKE-Engine Shooter

Postby Dr. Shadowborg » Tue Mar 19, 2019 5:44 pm

Watched the video, now for the crushingly critical review:

1. Video jumps around a bit too much.
2. Doublebarrel shotgun / triple barrel shotgun look good. Nailgun is "Loogie" gun as well.
3. Maps and textures are good, but the enemies are definitely the weakest point right now.
4. Dunno about the sprite based trees, you might want to consider changing those at some point.

Overall, I'd say you're on the right track, but still have a ways to go. :wink:
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Re: 3D Realms Plans QUAKE-Engine Shooter

Postby frag.machine » Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:00 pm

KillPixel wrote:@frag.machine

I appreciate the insight and your offer - we may take you up on that!

I'll be glad to help, just shout here or send me a PM.
I know FrikaC made a cgi-bin version of the quakec interpreter once and wrote part of his website in QuakeC :) (LordHavoc)
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